What is practical horsemanship?

Practical horsemanship seeks to combine the latest findings in equine behavior with natural horsemanship techniques and the philosophies of the classical dressage masters while retaining the agility, balance and athleticism of a stock horse, polo pony or jumper.

This lofty goal that would be impossible to attain without a solid start provided by a comprehensive, evidence based, empiric foundation system. 

Feel the Freedom!

Every horse owner dreams of being able to walk cheek to cheek hoof print on footprint with their equine partner at liberty. To be able to communicate with their horse and have them understand as though you were both fluent in a single common language.  To experience the divine sensation of connection when your six legs become four, and your two bodies become one.

Through a series of concise, compelling, systematic and gymnastic exercises, Joe MacDannald with MPHorsemanship seeks to help you realize these dreams more easily than you would have ever imagined.  

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