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We Now offer Four services! 

Most of the success in horsemanship hinges on keeping things simple for the horse and the rider, so we decided to remain consistent in our philosophy when it comes to the business side of things. 

Training for the Horse

Whether you're an experienced rider and just don't have the time or your old steady horse has gone off track, MPH is the key to creating and regaining a solid, well trained horse.  


Training for the Rider

If you've never ridden a day in your life or are looking to improve your skills in any discipline, MPH is guaranteed to improve your riding or you get your money back. 

THe MPHacademy

This resource is our newest addition to MPHorsemanship! It provides you with hours of horsemanship Principles, Strategies and Tactics so that you can study at your own pace!  

Training For the  horse and Rider

If you are looking to improve your skills and relationship with your equine partner, this option is your best bet. 



If you are interested in this method of horsemanship or need some help with your horse, we currently offer training anywhere in California and the surrounding states depending on availability. Set up a phone consultation for more info!

for horses in consistent training:

3 days a week: $200/wk

5 days a week: $300/wk

All of our services can be cutomized, just call and ask!